It’s a pleasure to welcome you all to the Nordic Championship 2023. For information about the Nordic Championship please see the official invitation. Additional information can be found on the official eventpage.

Norwegian participants register individually, while only the administration in the Nordic federations are allowed to register participants to the championship. Participants from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Iceland and Åland must therefore contact their federation to participate.


In the Nordic Championship, all athletes represent their nation. The federation in the various countries must therefore create their conutryprofile in Smoothcomp, called Academy. The athletes need to connect to these academies before the federation makes the registration.

To create an academy click here (for Federation only)
To create an athlete profile click here (for athletes only)
To make the registration to the event click here.

Before creating an academy it’s recommended that the federation read the Smootcomp federation information. If the federation have trouble creating an academy please contact us.
Before creating an athlete profile it`s recommended for the athlete/parents to read information for athletes and parents.

Also coaches/leaders should create a profile in Smoothcomp before the Championship.

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